To the south-east of Phuket famous Phi Phi islands are situated. The largest island Phi Phi Don and the most exotic one Phi Phi Leh are 25 miles away from Phuket.

Picturesque Phi Phi Leh bays are surrounded by limestone cliffs in one of which we will drop the anchor and start our journey to explore the renowned all over the world island that served as a stage scene for Hollywood movie The Beach with Leo DiCaprio starring the main role.

Phi Phi Don island attracts tourists due to its comfortable hotels, white sand beaches, bars and restaurants where we can enjoy our dinner admiring the sunset.

During the cruise we will have plenty of opportunities to train anchoring which will depend on the sea depth, wind force, currents and tides. All the cruise participants will do watchstanding, learn route plotting and train tacking.

This cruise will become for you not only a good practice in sailing, but an interesting and memorable journey.